In 1989 we were able to buy a variable transformer(VARIAC) factory from PHILIPS. This PHILIPS division which started its activities after the second world war achieved the largest market share and distribution network in Europe for variable transformers.

Gradually we transformed the ‘PHILIPS’ name into our own brand name. All variable transformers are made according to Philips design therefore we chose for a related name: FILEC

These  products are made with the same Philips ideals in our  facility in Uden, the Netherlands.

The transformers are moulded in reinforced polyurethane(PU) and in Epoxy resin to improves the heat dissipation:

the construction is rugged and professional.

FILEC transformers are available in three basic models(other types can be supplied on request)

- Panel models where the live parts are not protected

Bench models where the panel model has been  fitted with a protective housing and knob and dial

Laboratory models where the bench model has been fitted with a voltmeter,input cable with plug,an outlet socket and a carrying handle.In addition,all laboratory models have overload protection and some have earth leakage protection.

FILEC is also specialised in THREE PHASE SETS, COMPLETE TESTING UNITS,air and oil cooled, manual and motorised with a wide range of speeds.

Most are autotransformers but transformers with separate windings are also available.

We also develop and  produce transformers to match specific customer requirements(also small quantity).

You can find all the original spare parts (CARBON BRUSHES-MOTORS-GEARBOXES) for the PHILIPS/FILEC  variable transformers.


In the year 2000 FILEC products are delivered worldwide to original equipment manufacturers in more than 25 countries.

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