Propably the most versatile piece of electrical equipment
available.It’s application is limitless in the field of ac voltage
control e.g. motor speed, electroplating, heaters, lighting,
power supplies and test equipment.

The variable transformer is the most economic and reliable way of achieving this,
giving virtually stepless control and introducing no wave form distortion and minimum losses.
It can sustain high overloads for short periods of time and requires minimal maintenance.
Filec can supply ratings from 0.5 A – 36 Amps in single units.
These can be ganged to obtain higher currents in single ( max 600Amps) or three phase(max 600Amps) configuration. 

FILEC variable transformers are made only with a high conductivity insulated copper wire, high grade C.R.G.O silicon steel toroidal core and incapsulated in polyurethane.

All models can be motordriven giving a wide range of rotation speeds.
By using our standard servo control system any variable transformer
can be made into a useful ac voltage stabiliser.

Power supplies
Many customers require a complete power supply rather than a transformer.
To meet this requirement Filec has developed a range of non- stabilised and
stabilised dc power supplies with a wide range of outputs.


Frequency range
The transformers may be used at frequencies between 50 and 400 Hz. See also "Losses, no load".

Insulation resistance
The insulation resistance between live and non-live parts after the damp heat test
( I EC 68-2-3, test Ca, 21 days) is > 5 MÙ.

Test voltage
All transformers are tested for 1 min at 2000 V, 50 Hz between live and non-live parts.

Air gap
The air gap between live and non-live parts is 4 mm.

Creepage path
The creepage path between live and non-live parts is 5 mm.

Earthing the output circuit
If it is necessary to earth the output circuit, an isolating transformer must be connected between
the mains and the variable transformer, so as to prevent short-circuits.

Angle of rotation
The total angle of rotation is 320°.

The guaranteed life of the carbon brushes, if used within the ratings, is 100 000 two-way turns however,
the life expectance is well beyond 250 000 two-way turns.

Parallel connection
For parallel connection of two or more transformers, chokes should be connected between
the secondary windings to prevent high interchange currents caused by small differences in ganging. See section "Accessories" .

Environmental tests

The transformers are designed to meet the following tests:
Damp heat test IEC68-2-3, test Ca, 21 days
Temperature cycling IEC68-2-14, test Na,--10/+85 °C, 1 cycle

Shock test IEC68-2-27, test Ea
Acceleration, peak, 294 m/S2 (309)
Pulse duration:6 ms

Vibration test IEC 68-2-6, test Fc, Procedure B4
10-55-10 Hz, 1 oct./min, amplitude 0,35 mm, 3 x 2 h

Climatic category
The climatic category of the transformers is 15/040/21, according to IEC 68-1.

The following accessories are available: 

x original Philips/Filec carbon brushes
× control knobs
× ganging units
× motor drive modules
× chokes for parallel connection of transformers
× AC stabilizer module.

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